Professional resume formats

In many cases the CV has to be professional and straightforward, otherwise the content probably won't get a second look from any director of Human Resources. That is why in this website we offer a large number of professional resume formats in Word and free to download.

A professional resume should be error-free, including typographical errors or grammatical errors. Regardless of the format, it must be consistent. For example, if bullets are used to describe responsibilities and achievements in a job, you must also make sure to use the same bullets in the rest of the positions.

Don't hesitate to download for free the resume models, they're of high quality and are approved by the best specialists in the subject. You won't find these CVs with the same characteristics in other website.

Professional resume formats in Word and free:

Word format (doc or docx file extension)

All the CV models that can be found on this web page can be customized and edited by the Microsoft Word program quickly and very easily. The extension of all downloaded files are doc or docx depending on the version. If you want to convert them to PDF you can use the same software.