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More than 69 successful resume templates in Word format and updated to download for free, only selecting the one that best suits your profile according to the career and profession in which you currently work or plan to do so in some future. We offer many resume examples in english with several different designs. Thanks to these first level formats, creating a CV is much easier.

The updated resume design or model that we choose will be our presentation before a job opportunity that is why creating one can be a complicated and delicate assignment that takes us several hours of design and development. If we fail in an implementation can cause the loss of the work whereby we strive so hard, taking into account this problem we decided to offer in this site a broad range of free resume formats with designs of the first world and approved by the best specialized professionals in the subject.

In order to facilitate the search for the perfect resume we decided to classify the templates according to the themes: original CV models, professional, modern and classic. To select the format that we like the most, we simply must to follow the links in the menu that is located to the right of the site. In this way we will see a list of the formats in english with several designs of high quality, these templates are qualified to be used in this year 2018.

It’s important to mention that all the curriculum vitae templates to be filled or completed aren't free to be used in other sites and shouldn't be copied without the author's permission.

Download resume templates in Word format and free (curriculum):

The most interesting characteristics of these CV templates are:

  • 100% Customizable.
  • In Word file format, which allows easy and quick edition for any user with too little knowledge.
  • Free, you don't need to register on the site to download the files and also don't not contain any viruses.
  • It has high quality and spectacular designs, very simple to ensure success.
  • Updated and optimized daily to be used in the present year 201.

Why the resume format is important?

Is very important because it is a directly influence in the way we will structure our personal data, work experience, academic training and the rest of the information to be included in the file that we will send to the selectors.

Why choose our formats?

they stand out over others because they're of high quality, free; they can be edited very simply and are rated by the best specialists and professionals who understand the subject. These characteristics are what make them stand out over the rest of the formats found on internet.

Resume examples with data included for 2018

All our files are updated daily and come with demonstration data in Spanish or English, just to know where to locate correctly all our information, thanks to this we're going to save a lot of time, which we can occupy in making a better wording. This will allow you to streamline the creation process in a meaningful way.

Word files ( doc or docx file extension)

All the models that can be found on this page are enabled to be edited by the Microsoft Word program quickly and very simply. The extension of all downloaded files are doc or docx, depending on the version, but can be converted to PDF in very few steps.

What is a CV?

The curriculum vitae is an summary about the professional life of the people and is intended for recruiters, who will be in charge of analyzing it and consequently select or not o the person who has the best curriculum according to the employment. Usually you must enter a big part of your information, such as the name and surname, some type of contact (either an email or a phone number), work experience acquired so far in chronological order, academic studies (including courses) and any kind of personal activities we like to do (such as playing football).

When the resume is shorter and descriptive is more valued and taken into account for the recruiters, since generally the amount of resumes that the recruiters must analyze is ample and consequently is very long can get discarded by them. This clarification is very important to always keep in mind to achieve the goals.

Steps to create one successfully

Each person is a different world, and consequently everyone can have their own techniques to develop a good resume design. From this site, we decided to list a few standard steps for people who are very disoriented or even don't know how to start.

  • Firstly, we must identify the skills and knowledge that we have.
  • Think about what skills might be most useful for the job we're applying for.
  • We must be clean and well organized just to get a good and updated curriculum vitae.
  • Replace the example data with ours.
  • Correct and revise again.

Informative blog about the working world

To keep our users informed, we include a blog with a lot of information about the world of work at the present and related topics, where we mention the best english courses online so you can study and thus optimize your resume with new skills or even give advice so you can know what to say in a job interview and not make such common mistakes.

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